I highly suggest spinning as a form of cross training and/or off-season cardio for runners and cyclists. Spinning has helped me learn how to bike up steep hills by experiencing the elliptical motion while sitting on a stationary bike to get up those imaginary monster hills. Spinning has helped my running legs get stronger in order to power up those hills and last few miles of my long training runs, as well has helping me maintain my strength during my off-season. Also, I believe my risk of injury from running has been reduced due to spinning at least once a week throughout the year!

Spinning is not the same as riding a stationary bike in your local gym! Just try it! Scout out who the best instructors are at your local gym or spinning facility and check out one of their classes! You will get a workout, even if they are a boring instructor, but aim to a find an instructor that motivates you, makes spinning fun, and keeps you wanting more!

Spin to the Beat NOT the Clock!: Post about my experience spinning in Saint Louis with a great spin instructor!

A few Words/Sayings of Inspiration to push you through a hard spinning workout!


Dominate the down, Own the up


Create a feeling

Close your eyes and you can take yourself anywhere!

Spell NOW backwards! 


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