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This year’s Thanksgiving met all my expectations and more!

Here is a little Recap of how it when down in Westport, Connecticut!

Pequot 5 Mile Turkey Trot : My First Turkey Trot Race 🙂

Pre-Race photo with my siblings, Bro Paul and Sis Jayme

Waiting for the race to start..a bit chilly

The Turkey Trot in action along the Long Island Sound with 4,138 Other Trotters!

Max waiting to see his Daddy and Aunties run in the race

During the race photo! The 3 mile mark! Hugs from Max and 2 more to go!

The Turkey Trot supporters…Max, Sis Nat, Baby G and Bro-in-law Shaun! Cheering us on at the 3 mile mark!

The race was a great refreshing start to the day. We all had fun running and finishing strong together!

The rest of the day was playing with my nephews, cooking, relaxing, and enjoying family and of course yummy food!

Brothers mesmerized by Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving

Max having Thanksgiving playground fun

Grandma Jet getting her famous brisket ready!

I made the roasted brussels sprouts and acorn squash mash (with dried cranberries, walnuts, and pure maple syrup). I forgot to take photos 😦 Next Year!

My mom was the main cook! She always does a great job!

20 lb Turkey is ready to be carved! With my grandma Leah’s special ritz cracker stuffing!

Me and Zac!

Me and Natalie

4:30 pm = Dinner Time

Cheers! Thankful for a healthy family!

Everyone digging in

MyPlate Thanksgiving Style

My Dad always charms the little ones

By 7:30pm, the kiddos were asleep! Finally, the adults had some peace and quiet and we ended the night early to get ready for Black Friday shopping!

This is the first holiday vacation in while that I have felt rested and stress free! I woke up this morning and enjoyed a moment to myself on 6 mile run. Then I played with Zac and went shopping with my sister at a few local stores! Anthropologie got me in trouble, but I got good deals and clothes I can’t wait to wear! I was more than ready for lunch when we got back from shopping.

The Best Leftover Sandwich!

 I enjoyed leftovers in a turkey sandwich with gravy, cranberry sauce and acorn squash mash on an arnold’s wheat thin! I always crave cranberry turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving!

What else can you make with your leftovers besides turkey sandwiches????

10 Ideas to Use Up Your Leftovers:

  1. Turkey Pot Pie
  2. Turkey Taco Chili
  3. Chicken Noodle Soup
  4. Turkey Waldorf Salad (with walnuts, grapes, and your dressing can be cranberry sauce)
  5. Potato Pancakes (from leftover potatoes or sweet potatoes/mash)
  6. Veggie Egg Bake (from leftover vegetables)
  7. Sweet Potato Dip (leftover sweet potatoes blended with white or black beans)
  8. Baked Green Beans (dip green beans in egg then breadcrumbs and bake in oven on 350 F until crispy)
  9. Turkey Salad in a pita  (with low-fat plain greek yogurt, grapes or dried raisins/cranberries, and celery)
  10. Cranberry muffins (with leftover cranberry sauce)

What do you make with your leftovers?