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Lesson 3: Surround Yourself with Love and Give Thanks!

We all know Thanksgiving as one of the best meals of the year for tasty food, but don’t forget that Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and surround yourself with people you love!

Think about what really matters on this special day….I get to wake up another day, be thankful for who I am and what I can physically and mentally do every day, and thank those that have helped me be the person I have become! If you have the day off or not, take a moment or two or three to to be thankful! If you don’t have the opportunity to go home for the holiday, your family and friends are only a phone call, skype chat, and email away! Make the best of another day you get to live!

Surround yourself with people and not just food.

Last year it was my grandpa’s 90th Birthday!  13 grandchildren got together to celebrate! It was a special Thanksgiving that I will always remember!

If all you remember from these 3 Turkey Day Lessons and can incorporate into part of your turkey day tomorrow are physical activity, MyPlate, and being Thankful….I think I did my job to help you nutricise to your happy place! 

Don’ t get too wrapped up in every detail. Just make the extra effort to make healthier choices this year! It might take a few years to master overindulging on Thanksgiving so start this year by making that first step or adding a second step to last year’s healthy choices. These steps, even if they are small, will make you feel better and not so guilty on a what I think is the best holiday of the year! 

Good Luck and Don’t Forget to Live Laugh Love!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you missed  Lesson 1 & Lesson 2, gobble them up!

PS: Week 7 Crockpot Meal will be moved to next week since I am already in Connecticut with my family! It was’t practical to make a large amount of food and not be able to enjoy a few servings before I had to freeze it.