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I know there are many people feeding you million of  healthy tips to master the turkey day feast. Therefore, I want to make it simple for you. I am GIVING you three important health lessons that are basic, realistic, and allow you to still enjoy your holiday without too long of a list of does and don’ts.

Lesson 1: Physical Activity!

Be thankful you can exericse!

Move Your Body in the Morning:

Exercising before Thanksgiving Dinner is a great way to jump-start your digestive system and keep yourself busy during the exciting, but anxious hours leading up to the carving of the turkey.

  • Exercise can be simply going on a 30-60 minute walk in your neighborhood or local park with your dog, family, friends, or by yourself to enjoy fresh air and a moment of “YOU” time before the social hours hit.


  • Many communities host Turkey Trot 5K Fun Run/Walks, which is a great opportunity to get your entire family to break a little sweat. These races are strictly for fun to get the community together on a day where we say thanks and give back to others. People can walk, people can run, and people can run, skip, and/or jump too! For those that can’t run/walk due to old age, disabilities, or pregnancy (like my sister, who will be 2 weeks before her due date on Thanksgiving day!), you can still go to the race and support your family, friends, and community. The fact that you are waking yourself early on a day off and distracting yourself away from food is better than sitting on the couch and salivating over the smell of a juicy turkey cooking hours before the actual meal.


  • If the outside temperature is too cold for you, hit the gym before they close or put on a workout video (DVD or  look up youtube exercise videos)


  • Join a yoga session to stretch, distress, relax, and reflect on what you are thankful for!


  • Bring your kids to the playground and get ready to join them too. Your heart rate will increase faster than you think chasing your kids around, playing on the monkey bars, swinging, and/or getting involved in a the fun game of four square and tag.


  • If you have a big family or a close neighborhood, you can organize a game of t-ball, capture the flag, soccer, or basketball! These games are always fun for all ages!

Move Your Insides After Your Turkey Dinner:

  • Taking walk and/or chasing your nieces and nephews around the house after Thanksgiving Dinner will help you breakdown and digestion your food, and also prevent you from going straight to the couch and getting slammed by the food coma drowsy effect that we all know so well!

What is your exercise plan on Thanksgiving Day?

It has become a tradition in my family to exercise together the morning of Thanksgiving (even more so it has become a part of our lifestyle now). I will be doing a turkey trot run/walk with my family this year 🙂 It was my sister’s idea, not mine for once! We have always wanted to do a turkey trot race together, but there was never a race close enough to where we were all staying. This year, my sister found a race only few minutes away from her house in Connecticut! She sent an email about 3 months ago to see who was interested in  walking or running the race so we could sign up ASAP before it the race sold out. The race will be the highlight of my day…I can’t wait!

In the past……..

Thanksgiving 2010:  Superstition Mountain, Arizona

We went on a walk. In picture: Mom, Dad, and Sister Jayme

Me and the beautiful scenery!

Thanksgiving 2011: Hometown in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Nephew Max and Brother-in-law Shaun playing manly sports 🙂

And the girls went on a run 🙂 Me and my sisters, Jayme and Natalie

Stay tuned for Lesson 2 tomorrow!